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6 Days 5 Nights (Sunday) – Depart from Singapore

6 Days 5 Nights (Sunday) – Depart from Singapore

MYR3383 / per person
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Surabaya – North Bali新加坡泗水巴厘岛新加坡

Nha Trang – Ho Chi Minh City新加坡芽庄胡志明市新加坡

Kota Kinabalu – Brunei (Muara) 新加坡哥打京那巴鲁汶莱(摩拉)-新加坡

Pulau Redang – Sihanoukville – Bangkok新加坡热浪岛西哈努克曼谷新加坡

Penang – Phuket – Langkawi – Port Klang新加坡槟城普吉岛兰卡威巴生新加坡

6 Days 5 Nights
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5N Nha Trang + Ho Chi Minh Dep : 29 Sep

DAY  Destination ETA ETD
SUN Singapore -
MON Cruising Day -
TUE Nha Trang 0900(0800) 2000(1900)
WED Ho Chi Minh City 1000 2000
THU Cruising Day - -
FRI Singapore 1200 -

5N Redang + Sihanoukville + Bangkok Dep : 08 Sep (Super Low) , 13 Oct

DAY  Destination ETA ETD
SUN Singapore - 1700
MON Pulau Redang 1100 2000
TUE Sihanoukville 1200(1100) 2000(1900)
WED Bangkok 1000(0900) 2100(2000)
THU Cruising Day - -
FRI Singapore 1200 -

5N Kota Kinabalu + Brunei Dep : 14 Jul

DAY Destination  ETA ETD
SUN Singapore - 1700
MON Cruising Day - -
TUE Kota Kinabalu 1400 2300
WED Brunei (Muara) 0800 2000
THU Cruising Day - -
FRI Singapore 1200 -

5N Penang +Phuket +Langkawi + Port Klang Dep : 22 Sep (Super Low) , 20 Oct

DAY  Destination ETA ETD
SUN Singapore - 1700
MON Penang 1330 2330
TUE Phuket 1200(1100) 2359(2300)
WED Langkawi 1000 2000
THU Port Klang 1000 2000
FRI Singapore 1200 -

5N Surabaya + Bali Dep : 28 Jul , 25 Aug

DAY Destination ETA ETD
SUN Singapore - 1700
MON Cruising Day - -
TUE Surabaya 0800(0700) 1700(1600)
WED North Bali 0600 1700
THU Cruising Day - -
FRI Singapore 1000 -

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CANCELLATION CHARGES 取消费用 (All Cruise Length 适用于所有航线)
Cancellation Notice  取消通知  Cancellation Notice  取消通知 
46 days or more before departure  介于四十六天或以上 15% Of Cruise Full Fare                 船费之十五巴仙
45 - 15 Days or more            介于十五至四十五天以上 35% of Cruise Full Fare            船费之三十五巴仙
14 – 08 Days before departure       介于八至十四天 55% of Cruise Full Fare            船费之五十五巴仙
07 Days or less                          七天或以内 100% of Cruise Full Fare                   船费之一百巴仙
No Show / No Written Notice                            无报道或无书面通知 100% of Cruise Full Fare                       船费之一百巴仙
  • Total cabin change of passenger names 取消同一房间之所有乘客
  • Change of Sailing Date 更换出发日期
  • Downgrading of cabins 降低客房等级
  • Change Vessel                                更换船号
Cancellation fee applied & rebook subject to prevailing rates 将被征收取消之费用,同时从新预定将根据当时的促销价格为准
AMENDMENT CHARGES 更改费用 ( Per Amendment / Per Person 以每项更改/每人 )
Ø  Change and swap of passenger (provided at least 1 original name remain unchanged) 更换或船舱分拆由一间分拆成两间客房 RM 80 (Subject to similar fare code)
  • All cancellation fee imposed will be based on cabin full fare and holiday surcharge (if applicable). 取消费用将依据船舱费及假期附加费而征收。
  •  Cancellation fees applicable for low and mid season only. For peak season, 100% cancellation fees apply. 以上取消费只适用于淡季及次旺季航期。旺季及超级旺季任何更改将征收100%取消费。
  •  No amendment charge for upgrading of cabins to higher category in the same itinerary, difference between original and prevailing rates will be charge 提升客房等级将不被征收更改费用,不过客人需要补足原本船舱费和当时的船舱费之差额
  • No amendment charge for upsell of itinerary provided original departure dates remain unchanged (e.g from 2N itinerary to 7N itinerary), difference between original and prevailing rates will be charged 提升航线天数(如从2夜行程变7夜行程)将不被征收更改费用, 不过客人需要补足原本船舱费和当时的船舱费之差额
  • No amendment charge for additional passengers within the same cabin, charged at original rates增加人数在同一舱房内将不被征收更改费用,并可使用原本的促销配套
  •  For any split-off and new cabins, the new cabin will be considered as new booking at prevailing rates船舱分拆由一间分拆成两间客房 – 增加之客房将根据更改当日日期的价格和促销价为准
  •  Amendment fee are applicable to those amendment request which have been received not less than 5 Working Day prior to departure 更改手续需在至少出发前5个工作日申请,并将被征收更改手续费
  • All the above will be subjected to change without prior notice. 保留更改以上条规之权利。
  1. All traveling document must have at least 6 months validity from date of sailing.
  1. Its passenger’s responsibility to ensure that all travel documents and visa are in order prior to departure.
  1. Passage of pregnant woman will only permitted before her 24th week pregnancy at the time of sailing and must accompanied with doctor’s certificate stating that she is fit to travel at sea.
  1. Dream Cruises reserves the right to refuse embarkation of any passenger whose medical condition is not made known prior to sailing and shall not be required to REFUND cruise fare paid.
  1. NO REFUND will be made to passengers denied embarkation for non-compliance of immigration requirements.
CATEGORY Capacity 1st Pax 2nd Pax
BDS BALCONY (Deck 8-13/15) 露台舱房 2,3,4 5,202 Free
BSS BALCONY (Deck 8-13/15) 露台舱房 2,3,4 4,463 Free
OSS OCEANVIEW (Deck 5/9-13) 海景舱房 2,3,4 3,639 Free
ISS INSIDE (Deck 5/8-13/15) 内侧舱房 2,3,4 3,383 Free
3rd / 4th Person 50% of 1st Pax Rate
Infant Fare (6 – 24 months) 25% Of Twin Share Fare
Gratuity on board ( Per person ) SGD105 for Balcony Deluxe & below Infant below 24months Waive Gratuity
Port Charge
Remarks : MALGD18074 ** Super Low Sailing – Free Cabin Upgrade ( OSS > BSS , BSS > BDS) ** All fares are price per person based on twin sharing in MYR. ** Promotion Rate only applicable for Malaysian or foreigner holding work permit or PR status. ** Cruise Fare, cabins and schedule are subject to availability and changes without notice.
** Gate close one and a half hours before departure.

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